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Immigrate To Dubai And Find Best Job Sectors In Dubai As A Foreigner


Dubai is a world-renowned place for its famous structures, economy and culture. Everything in this country is very special, like the World Trade Center, the Dubai Mall, Burj Khalifa and many others. Located to the southeast of the Persian Gulf, Dubai is the second largest inhabited place of all the emirates. Founded in 1833 by Sheikh Maktoum bin Buti al Maktoum, Dubai is today one of the most famous business centres and an important port. The geographical location makes it very special and that is why Dubai is considered a world-famous port. Because of all these positive points, there are many job opportunities to make a good career. As we know, Dubai is known as a business centre for the whole world, many sectors are open to jobs such as petroleum industry, infrastructure, tourism, finance and much more.

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Petroleum industry

Oil was discovered in Dubai in very small quantities in 1971, but it attracted oil companies and later Dubai became the world-famous oil industry. Dubai crude oil is a slightly acidic soil with a gravity of 31 ° API. Dubai’s oil industry is huge, but its contribution to the economy of Dubai is limited, or it can be said that the economy of Dubai is not dependent on oil. There are so many oil refineries and companies working in Dubai and this makes this place a great hub for jobs in the petroleum industry. Some of the oil companies are,

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• APC Lube Oil LLC
• Emirates Refining Co Ltd
• Fujairah Refinery Co Ltd
• FZC monad oil
• Sharjah Oil Refining Co Ltd

The tourism industry

Tourism is a major industry in Dubai and it provides a large flow of foreign money to the government of Dubai. According to reports, Dubai’s strong economy is built on tourism and that makes it strong. The tourism industry in Dubai is mainly focused on shopping, but many old and modern buildings are also becoming addicts for tourists. Dubai is also known as the shopping capital of the Middle East. Many world-famous structures are located in Dubai and millions of tourists visit these structures every year. Some names are as follows,

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• World Trade Center
• Dubai Mall
• Burj Khalifa
• Emirates Office Tower

It’s an amazing fact about Dubai that the total contribution of natural gas and oil to Dubai’s GDP is only 6% and the rest of the revenue comes from the tourism department. This wide reach has made Dubai the number one tourist destination in the world. This makes this industry very valuable for all job seekers. Refreshers and experienced candidates can try these jobs and make a bright future in this field.

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Sell ​​jobs

As we know about the shopping trend in Dubai, people are addicted to shopping in Dubai. The largest shopping mall in Asia is located in Dubai and there are many other famous shopping malls. Retail is the fastest growing sector in Dubai and is growing rapidly year after year. As a result, the retail business in Dubai is increasing, creating thousands of jobs each year.

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