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Important Facts About Cost of Living in Canada and the UK

Important Facts About Cost of Living in Canada and the UK

One of the most important factors to consider when relocating abroad is the cost of living. While the United Kingdom is a highly attractive country, it does have its drawbacks, such as higher taxes and a lack of student-friendly cities. Here’s a rundown of some important facts about Cost of Living in Canada and the UK. You’ll be surprised by the differences between these two countries!


While the cost of living in both countries is similar, there are some key differences. The price of housing in Canada is generally higher than that in the UK, and the cost of heating and other utilities is higher in Vancouver than in London. Buying a car is also more expensive in Canada, although gas prices are cheaper. Renting a home is also much cheaper in Canada, especially if you live in a modern building.

In Canada, people tend to spend less on basic goods, such as groceries and toilet paper. Compared to the UK, Canadians are better off when it comes to buying non-perishable goods and avoiding expensive supermarkets. Even when it comes to housing, Canadians are better off buying local foods and buying less perishable items. Expendable income in Canada is higher than in the UK, but it depends on your job and location.

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Sales tax

Moving to another country can be expensive, but there are some important differences between the two countries. The first is the cost of housing, which is generally higher in Canada. In the UK, renting an apartment can cost much less than it does in Canada. The second major difference is the cost of food. Both countries have high food costs, but Canada has more affordable food than the UK. In addition, housing costs are lower than in the UK, but the prices of groceries are still higher.

Both countries charge taxes on income, but Canada is better than the UK at sales tax. The biggest difference between the two countries is the income tax. Both countries have income taxes, and their rates rise and fall according to Government decisions. However, in Canada, they are all handled properly, so the cost of living becomes much cheaper outside the urban areas. The cost of childcare is significantly lower in Canada. Both countries have different health care costs, so you’ll want to weigh these against each other before you make a decision on relocating to another country.

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Health care

While the UK has a system of public health insurance, the Canadian system is different. Canada’s healthcare system is universal and funded by taxes. The federal government provides money to the provinces, while each province sets its own standards. While the federal government sets standards for care, each province sets its own fees and reimbursement rates for doctors, ambulances, and the health care system itself. Most health care services are covered by government or private insurance, although some family physicians work on a fee-for-service basis. In Canada, about two-thirds of the population has private health insurance.

In Canada, most hospitals are publicly-funded. However, each unit of a hospital operates independently, which raises costs overall. Every citizen is issued a health card that is their passport to healthcare services. Although dental care and optometry are generally covered under a public system, private health insurance is often purchased to cover other costs. Prescription medicines, however, are charged, but they are regulated.

Student-friendly cities

Aside from the economy, Canada is home to universal healthcare and a growing economy. Both countries also offer perfect geographic locations. When comparing the cost of living, both countries rank high in the World Population Review. In Canada, an after-tax salary covers living costs for 1.8 months, while in the UK, the same amount would only cover living expenses for 1.6 months. But, if you’re considering a major move to either Canada or the UK, you should consider the cost of living first.

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Despite the cost of living differences, the cost of living in Canada and the UK are still similar. The largest outgoing will be housing. However, if you’re planning to live in a modern apartment building, you can expect to pay more for your rent. In Canada, housing can be expensive, so be careful in selecting your apartment. Many modern apartment buildings include heating and other amenities. The high housing and grocery bills will also add up to your monthly expenses. But, those who are not concerned with high housing costs, they’ll be happy to spend a little extra money on the amenities they can find in Canada.

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