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Texas Guide Tour-Best Things to do When it Rains During Your Vacation


If you live in Texas, then you know it rains…A LOT. Luckily, there is still plenty of fun to be had indoors in the Lone Star State, so don’t let the weather put a damper on your day! Here are some ideas for the rainy days in Texas where you’d rather just lay in bed, but the kids still want something fun to do.

1) Hungry? Grab some food somewhere new for a change!
2) Ever wanted to go skydiving? Well when it’s raining, you can still try it out indoors!
3) Hey, it may not be that original, but bowling is pretty much guaranteed to be fun for the whole family!
4) Feel like staying the night somewhere? How about at a haunted hotel?!
5) And who says you can’t explore nature when it’s raining? Take the adventure underground in one of Texas’ caves!
6) You can also still enjoy a day at the waterpark, believe it or not!
7) Why not tour one of the many awesome museums in Texas?
8) Hey, you could always go see a movie; we have plenty of great theaters across the state!
9) Tour some of the historic homes in Texas!
10) Why not try your hand at painting?
11) Or maybe you like arcades?
12) Indoor mini-golf is always an option, too.
13) If you have decent balancing skills, you could always try out ice skating!
14) Need new clothes or shoes? May as well hit the mall and get a little shopping done!
15) I saved the best for last. Unleash that inner child and watch movies/color/tell ghost stories in a blanket fort!
If you are a music fan and want to avoid the rain and especially the commercial atmosphere of music venues and concerts, do not hesitate to visit the Friends of Bluebonnet Opry in Brenham, TX. Bluebonnet Opry was founded in 1998 by Allison Crowson. A monthly broadcast took place every third Thursday at the Brenham Firefighters Training Center. The shows were successful and very successful, but the uncertainty came when Mrs. Crowson had to stop leading events when she became assistant director at Brenham High School. Eventually a few people came together to become “friends of the opera”, moved the show and saw that they could benefit from a local organization and chose to take advantage of the local Brenham Hospice branch. . Musical performances from all over Texas and the rest of the United States can be seen at their shows and, true to their mission, they can donate around $ 5,000 to $ 6,000 to the Brenham Hospice Branch.
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