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The Ultimate Tokyo Guide Tour And Other Side Attractions


The Ultimate Tokyo Travel Guide is a large collection of things I’ve learned over the years based on personal experience. Tokyo, Japan is a marvelous city that I’ve proudly called home for the past 6 years. It’s become a popular tourist destination and with excellent reason. There’s an endless choice of things to see, eat, and experience. That’s one of the many reasons why I love this city.

Tokyo and the Greater Metropolitan Area has about 38 million people (myself included) and is the most populated metropolis in the world. This means, there is a lot to do. Even after all these years, I feel as if I’ve only scratched the surface. Planning a trip to Tokyo, especially for first-timers, is daunting and overwhelming.

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From what to do to where to stay, it’s all stress-inducing. In our Ultimate Tokyo Travel Guide, I’ll explain what you need to know to my favourite place in the world, Tokyo, Japan. Don’t forget to read our practical travel tips for Japan & best things to do in Tokyo, it’ll make your life easier, trust me.

While you’re in Japan, you may want to check out a few theme parks. I’m a theme park aficionado (if it wasn’t obvious by the other content plastered all over the site), so you’ll want to read our other travel guides covering Tokyo Disney Resort & Universal Studios Japan. Of course, you’ll want to experience all the traditional and pop culture aspects of Japan too.

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Alright, that’s enough talking, let’s start planning your trip to the best city in the world, Tokyo.

Tourist Visa

For most nationalities, you’re able to enter Japan visa-free (Canada, Australia, UK, US, Singapore, etc). Once you land in Japan, you’re given a 90-day tourist visa in your passport. I recommend checking the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Japan website to see if you qualify for the 90-day tourist visa (most people reading are).

When to Visit

This wouldn’t be the Ultimate Tokyo Travel Guide if I didn’t explain when to visit, right? To put it bluntly, you can visit any time during the year and still have a wonderful time. However, there a few things to take into account such weather and events. I’ll go over your options here to help you make a decision.

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Best Times to Visit

The best times to visit are also some of the most crowded times due to the increase in tourism in the past few years. The most popular is the cherry blossom (sakura) season in the month of March & April. Seeing the cherry blossoms in full bloom is a breathtaking site. I believe everyone needs to experience this at least once in their lives.


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